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“Disability Etiquette- Kathmandu”

On 5th September,2015 Ms. Deepa Bajracharya of Pediatric Rehabilitation Nepal (PRN) organized an Interaction based disability awareness program namely “Disability Etiquette- Kathmandu”. It was one of its kind with around 45 participants, 4 special guests and very active volunteers.

It was a unique experience with participants from different backgrounds merging together for the benefit of people with disabilities.The topic mainly focused on social model of disability where basic disability etiquette were described, explained and practiced.At the end of the program, the participants also made a pledge to continue working for making world a better place for people with disabilities.

One of the participants/Volunteer was quoted as follows ” it was an informative prgm that saying frm the participants as well..many topics were new n it was unique for it provided such an interactive platform with our guest today”

Overall, this volunteer based effort was a huge success with enthusiastic participation from volunteers and participants.Pediatric Rehabilitation Nepal welcome any help for organizing similar programs in near future. 

We thank photographer Mr. Suman Rajbhandari and the dedicated volunteers for the beautiful photographs of the event. 

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