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What is pediatric physiotherapy?

Many children in Nepal are born with brain, muscle, and heart and lung related conditions. These conditions impact on a child’s development and independence.

Pediatric physiotherapists work with children to help each child reach its maximum potential, and become as independent as possible so it can participate in activities at home, at school, and in the community.

Where do pediatric physiotherapists work?

The physiotherapist may see the child in a variety of settings, like home, school, in hospital or in specialised centres.

When a family meets a pediatric therapist:

The paediatric physiotherapist will interview the family and examine the child in detail.

Once the examination is finalised, the physiotherapist will design an individual treatment plan.
When working with children, the therapy should be amusing for the child, so that the child learns new skills without actually knowing that it is actually working.

For example, different hand and finger movements may be practiced to learn the skills of eating, bathing, dressing, etc.
Similarly, balance can be practiced to be able to walk and play with other children.

For children who may not be able to walk, the therapist may teach them how to use other ways of getting around so that they are not left alone.

What do we concentrate on?

The focus here is not on the child’s inabilities, but on ways to improve the child’s participation in daily activities and the society.

Do pediatric therapists "Fix" or "cure" my child?

Pediatric Physiotherapists does not” cure” your child’s condition. Pediatric physiotherapy is a team approach, which includes not only the child and the physiotherapist, but also the family of the child. In fact, the family is probably the most important factor in the success of the physiotherapy program.
The development of a child is an ongoing process, and also for children with a disability, the parent will need to stimulate their child through each stage of the development.
Together with the physiotherapist, family will help the child with eating, dressing, playing, moving around, staying safe at home and learning new skills.
All of this will help the child with special needs to grow into a self-sufficient adult.
This treatment approach is known as Family Centered Practice.

What to expect?

It is important to remember that a child’s development happens slowly over weeks, months and years. Change rarely happens overnight. Therefore, families need a lot of dedication and perseverance to achieve positive results.

Experience of a pediatric therapist:

There is nothing like seeing a child do something that they have never done before.
This gives the child and the family new confidence to move towards the next step and achieve new things.

Parents experience:

Physiotherapy has made my child more independent than what she was before.
Before starting with the therapy, we used to think that we needed to do everything for her and that she could not do anything herself.” During these few months, we have come to know about her abilities, which is very encouraging for us as well as for our daughter.