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31 May,2015

Welcome note from the founder

On behalf of “Pediatric Rehabilitation Nepal” team, I, Deepa Bajracharya , would like to welcome all the people who will be utilizing this website in near future. We are extremely happy to present to you this small effort towards bringing all the people working for the benefit of the children with disabilities in a single site. This site makes a unique, “never-been-tried-before-in-Nepal” effort to make a dual-track communication opportunity possible for service providers, caregivers, family members as well as those who want to help eg. volunteers.

This site has various  interesting factors for every group of people who are related to disability. There is a family friendly discussion section for discussing problems that families might be facing. The family members can also read experiences from other families and learn about similar problems that they might be facing.Another good news for families is  that we aim to form a support group for the families where you can stay in touch with the other families through the website.

Professional bodies can utilize the “Knowledge sharing” section to share your clinical experiences and expertise with other professionals working for the children with disabilities. This supports the interdisciplinary practice that is central to achieve any success in our services. The website will be publishing exciting articles on current practices in the field of childhood disability. This may be a place to update yourself on  disability related issues. So, keep an eye out for stimulating articles and be ready to start any discussions because active participation helps you learn better.

We believe in “Doing” and not only sharing knowledge or experiences, so we also have a spot designated for volunteering.Volunteering can be in form of physical presence for an ongoing meaningful cause or by donations for various programs that we support. We are a not-for-profit group and all the donations will be solely utilized for the cause of making meaningful changes in the target population.

This website is not only for Nepalese but also for those around the globe who share similar sentiments towards Nepal and its people,like we do. Therefore we also have photo galleries so that the viewers can have a brief idea about the scenario in Nepal. The picture gallery “Faces of Nepal” is specifically for creative Nepali youths to post their products like photographs (or be creative with other products) so that we can sell them to the interested buyers. The money that comes in from such sale will also be used solely for the benefit of the target group.

We are a totally volunteer based group and we depend on people who have selflessly provided us with their time, ideas and monetary assistance to help us take this huge step towards the future of children with disabilities in Nepal. Hence the people who have helped us reach this web space with such wonderful content and causes are much appreciated. With so much effort put into each and every page, we believe that this web space will be of much help to many people.The pages would have been just words if there were no pictures to them.I thank Ms Jenny Plummer for approving to provide pictures for the Gallery – “Smile and Satisfaction” and “Therapy is Fun!”. She took those pictures while filming an awareness video regarding physiotherapy in Nepal as part of a team work at Physiotherapy Department-Dhulikhel Hospital. 

During our journey in making of this website, we also met many people who did not support us. I would like to thank those who were not with us. We would not have been challenged enough to start something so unique without being faced with obstacles.

Lastly, please feel free to contact us if you want to know more about our program, if you want to join us in our cause, if you want to support us with any of our causes and of course if you want to suggest us other ideas to make our program a success.

Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. said in his popular speech “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character…”Let us all have this dream where all the children/youth in our nation would not be judged by their appearance and their disability but by their abilities…


Deepa Bajracharya

Founder -“Pediatric Rehabilitation Nepal”


Former Lecturer at KUSMS