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Currently Our Main Aim…

is to bring meaningful changes in the lives of children with disabilities and their families through :

Knowledge Sharing

By sharing of experiences as health care professionals and family members or person with disability

Ideas & Problem Sovling

Online group discussions on ideas and problem solving

Support Groups with Needs

We aim to support the current NGOs and self-help groups and other upcoming groups with currently identified needs

Online Support Group

Online support group formation and exploration of needs and means of achieving those needs

Our Vision

Bear in MIND the needs of the CHILDREN with disabilities and their FAMILIES
  • Awareness regarding family centered practice norms in handling and managing children with disabilities in developing nation like Nepal
  • Bridging the gap between health care professionals and the families of children with disabilities
  • Bringing up community of health care professionals and family members together to work for the benefit of children with disabilities to the best of the current knowledge available
  • Meeting the needs of children with disabilities through various programs

Every DISABILITY has an ABILITY attached to it

How we help

Reunit Children With Family

Provide Knowledge

Provide Food

Health Is Matter

Sponsor 25 Children with disabilities & their Family for a Picnic

“Picnic with Friends and family” may be an activity for the children with disabilities which they rarely are entitled to. Sponsor a picnic for them and their family or peers. We need your support to sponsor this cause. Costs include: cost for potter to carry the child, transportation, food and entertainment.

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